Monday, June 16, 2014

Imperialistic Ideals Instigate an Era of American Expansionism #3

For this section of the project we created a Videolicious project about Imperialism in America. We furthered our understanding by combining all of our ideas, and forming a Videolicious project, and an accompanying slide show and survey. We first corroborated our enduring understandings, to create a list of the four most complete ones. The first enduring understanding that I added to my existing list was; In a country's decision to gain power over other countries, the citizens of the country trying to take over debate the validity of taking over places and people of other countries. This means that even though some people were in support of American expansion, there were also some, such as the members of the American Anti-Imperialist League, who opposed it. Another enduring understanding that I added was; The goal of war is often time not solely to end the conflict but to gain control of strategic locations and political power of the place. This means that many countries will have ulterior motives to entering wars, because they believe that they can gain something from the war. We also furthered our knowledge of yellow journalism and propaganda. We found this image:
This image shows that the eye popping explosion of the USS Maine, and a headline that blames the Spanish or Cuban rebels for the explosion. This sparked massive public support for action in Cuba.

While we were making our Videolicious project, we had to consider our short time limit, and the essential information that we needed to include. Using concise sentences that conveyed the maxiumum information (courtesy of Ellie and myself), and fitting images obtained by Simone, we were able to form an effective Video Essay. Andrew's hard work on the SurveyMonkey formed a nice addition to our presentation.

The link to our Videolicious is here: 

Picture Citation:
"The World Newspaper, February 17, 1898" Accessed June 16, 2014. (Sorry this is 3 days late)

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