Monday, March 17, 2014

Personal Preservation or Patriotism?

In this blog post I will be talking from the point of view of a 18 year old clerk in a town in Massachusetts. The clerk will be debating whether or not to fight in the upcoming civil war.

Many of my friends are rushing headlong into this "War Between the States" without any regard for their own safety. They say that it is my duty as a god-loving American to defend my states, and to fight for the rights of all people in this country. I am wary though, I have heard of the great dangers and atrocities of the war. They say that there are bullets that can be fired from a half-mile with accuracy, and could shatter bones. I have heard that if you get shot in the leg or arm, an amputation may be necessary. I can not imagine living my life without a leg or arm. Even worse than the initial wounds and amputations, thousands of men, just like myself are dying from horrible infections every day. Even a wound as insignificant as a shot to the finger can cost someone their life if not treated properly. The battle at sea is not faring much better, I have heard that the blasted confederates have such a ship that is plated in iron, and cannot be damaged by cannon shot. It has already destroyed many of our ships, and seems like it cannon be stopped by anything we can throw at it. 
This  shows the devastating injuries that the new bullets in the civil war could inflict

Even with all of these dangers, I realize that my country needs young men like me to serve (and die) for the cause. If we are ever to liberate ourselves from the scourge of slavery, it is necessary to make some sacrifices. I believe that we have the advantage in the war over these southerners. Here in the north we have been able to convert many of our factories for the purpose of making new and better weaponry. My father who works with the states says that hundreds of military patents have been filed. Here in the north we have more young men like myself who are willing to fight, so I may not even need to be used for front-line combat. In the west, there is talk of a great general for the north, Grant. I wish that I could serve under such a military genius as him. I have decided that it would be better to serve my country and die, than to not serve and watch my country lose. I will go to war for my country.

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