Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Political Ideologies of the 19th Century


Conservatism in the 19th century, was a political ideology that favored returning to they ways of tradition, and avoiding change. Our vine shows the riotous behavior of the common people (Thomas), when they are given power. The conservatives used the French Revolution as a prime example of what would happen if there is no strong monarchy. Then the two rulers (Ellie and Parker) state that the riots are a reason that common people can not be left in charge of themselves. Next, a scientist is discovering new things, and bringing new ideas and knowledge into light. However, the conservatives were very stuck in their ways, and often used religion as a reason to keep to tradition. [Parker hits the apple (gravity/science) with a bible]. One main idea of conservatism is that social action should not be taken, conservatives opposed innovation and reform. The conservatives claimed that the French Revolution was a result of radical social and political reform, and so these things should be avoided. The political action that was promoted by conservatives was reinstating the old monarchies. The supporters of conservative ideas were usually the aristocrats.
Liberalism was an ideology that greatly contradicted the views of conservatives. Liberals believed that social and political reform were necessary for the advancement of the people. The liberals wanted "God-given, natural rights and laws that men could discern through the use of reason." The liberals supported a constitutional monarchy instead of absolute rulers. Many of the supporters of liberalism were members of the middle class. Nationalism was a belief that grew from a feeling of unity within a country while they were occupied by France. The people of the country saw their lack of unity as a weakness that allowed them to get conquered, and they developed a idea that a stronger nation is one that is bound together by language, customs and history. They believed that national unification was necessary and that foreign rulers must be removed.

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